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I have a confession to make — I have an intense passion for coaching new coaches! Coaches are some of my favorite people in the world. And ever since my first day of coach training in January 2002, I have fallen in love with the new coaches!

I am continually heartstreaming (my version of brainstorming) new ideas on how to support new coaches. I get emails every week with questions on topics that range from practice development (a very hot topic in coaching) to the future of the profession of coaching, and everything in between. For a long time, I took the time to respond to each one individually.

And then one day I realized that many of the answers to these questions would be valuable for other coaches to hear. Not to mention that I am more of a speaker than a writer, and it would create more ease and joy for me - LOL. So I sent out an email to my community and asked if anyone would like to ask me their questions in audio format. Then all coaches would benefit from the answers. As you may have guessed, coaches love to help other coaches. There was a great response to the email, and the K-casts were born.

In each K-cast, a coach asks a series of questions grouped around a particular topic. Each one lasts from 20-25 minutes, and includes information that I have prepared in advance in answr to the questions. There are also some surprise insights that come from the interaction I have with that particular coach. By the way, K-cast is a play on the word 'podcast.' A podcast is simply an audio file in mp3 format that can be downloaded to an ipod.

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I hope you enjoy the K-casts! If you would like to interview me for a K-cast or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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